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About the Organiser

"Funny, Real, Honest, Warm, Relatable, Inspiring, Passionate." These are the words Tomomi’s students used to describe her. She truly believes that if we all embraced our truest selves, the world will be a much wider, more inspiring place. As Maty Ezraty said, “practicing yoga is a privilege. And with this privilege, comes a duty.” A duty to share our stories and passion. This is what Tomomi believes in truly, in everyone sharing their practice and spreading our lights. It is her goal, intention and purpose: to fan YOUR inner flames. One of her teachers in Canada prompted her to become a yoga teacher in 2008. Then eventually, she apprenticed under some of the most skilled yoga teachers and joined a Yoga Teacher Training Course faculty at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio in Atlantic Canada as a teacher trainer. She traveled from there to both coasts in the U.S., Medico, Australia and landed in Bali, Indonesia in 2014. There, she created her own school called Flying Elephant Yoga and built a small beach studio in Sumatra. Her classes are based on vinyasa or flow mixed with her own personality and experiences, and various styles of yoga she studied along her journey. With the background of vinyasa, power vinyasa, yin, pre-/postnatal yoga and her meditation practice, she encourages her students to observe their minds while nurturing their own individuality. Her classes are about honouring the traditional and modern, physical and mental aspects of yoga. You can find more about her thoughts, views, stories and practice on Instagram or her guided meditation on Insight Timer App.



Payment & Guidelines
  • You MUST contact the owner before booking to discuss immigration laws in Indonesia and availability.

Travel help
How to get here

Banda Aceh airport - Ferry from Banda Aceh to Sabang - Bechak (tuk tuk) ride to our beach.

Visa & Health information

Please contact the nearest Indonesian embassy in your country.

Weather & What to Bring

Rain jacket Scarf and t-shirts, pants to cover your knees and shoulders

Tips for tourism and respect local culture
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Whole venue price USD $100/day
Minimum days 30

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