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Traditional TantraAnatomy and Physiology for yoga

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Tantra Yoga Classes for TTC - 20hrs


Ra Lalita Dasi, the lead trainer, shares her inspiring themed Tantra Yoga classes, to show you how the science of Tantra and Hatha knowledge can be woven into Yoga classes with creative depth. 

These classes are for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners, because the depth of the practice of Yoga is transmitted in a clear, gentle and supportive manner.

Radasi’s classes place emphasis on the balancing of the lunar and solar energies and allow the practitioner to experience qualities of the subtle body which includes the chakras. She also interplays different themes to weave sacred scriptures and poetry into her classes. 

Overall her classes guide you again and again into presence, strengthening your ability to be conscious and cultivating inner peace. 


Asana Methodology - 32 hrs 


To truly bring Asana (posture) practice to life in the bodies, hearts minds of ourselves and our students is key to becoming a successful Yoga teacher. We may know our own bodies, love our practice, understand the classical scriptures but are we able to confidently guide our students towards the essence of Yoga Asana safely and confidently?

Rory Trollen lifts the start of this TTC by breaking down the key elements of Asana methodology – how to become fluent in the language of understanding posture in your own practice and how to transmit that into the hearts of your students.

In this live module we will cover:

– Key principles of Asana methodology 

– How to teach Asana safely & effectively

– Fundamental teaching skills (how to break down every pose you practice and teach)

– How to easily create coaching points/verbal cues using 3 key Asana fundamentals

– Verbal vs physical adjustments 

– Breakdown of classical sun salutation as a foundation to all Asana

– 3 led classes from Rory allowing the above theory to come alive 


Anatomy and Physiology - 16hrs


Sean Goldberg will take you on a journey through the systems of the physical body in order for you to not only become a safe yoga teacher but also inspire curiosity to know more about your own body. His teaching style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga. Sean has taught on over 50 yoga teacher trainings for various schools all over the world and is a registered physiotherapist in Australia. 

This course will integrate both Eastern traditions and Western science in order to find a balanced view of the physical and subtle bodies. We will dive into many of the common mistakes that cause people to get injured from their yoga practice as well as the differences in individuals physical structures that may require their practice to be adjusted.

  • Skeletal system 
  • Muscular system 
  • Cardiopulmonary system  
  • Neuro System 
  • How to teach Asana with safety to the body
  • How to teach Asana with safety to the body


Meditation and Yoga Nidra Module - 10hrs


This module is taught by Yorgos Mazarakis and Ra Lalita Dasi, whether you are experienced in meditation or not there are gems to be found here. 

Together they clear the misconception about meditation, to make it an accessible and valuable part of your practice and teaching skills.

In these classes you will receive teachings on the following

  • How to meditate effectively
  • What is Meditation & Yoga Nidra 
  • Guidance on how to practice five beneficial techniques in meditation 
  • Five recorded guided meditations and one Yoga Nidra 
  1. Mantra meditation
  2. Breathing techniques
  3. A Buddhist counting meditation
  4. Visualisation technique 
  5. Awareness meditation
  6. Yoga Nidra


Pranayama Module - 14hrs


Ra Lalita Dasi is renowned as an experienced teacher of pranayama. 

This comprehensive system of gradually building on the techniques of pranayama can support you to significantly enhance your practice.

Due to the sensitivity and power of these techniques, you will receive personal mentoring through two private classes to help you to advance at the right speed for your practice and development, this is an essential and proper way to teach pranayama

In this module, you will learn 12 different techniques of pranayama, and you will learn how to apply the knowledge of Tantra, to understand how each technique affects the subtle body and energy.


Tantra Teaching Methodology - 20hrs 


This module is another gem of Satya Loka teachings. Ra Lalita Dasi brings together the knowledge from three different schools in Tantra Yoga, to deliver to you a rare and potent insight into the Tantric science of Yoga. 

Ra Lalita Dasi has integrated these teachings, experimented with them through her own body, and brought authenticity to them through her Guru, to deliver to you an inspiring view that she is able to transmit through her classes and teaching. 

This module alone will enhance your ability to teach Yoga with depth and difference. 

  • Surya and Chandra Namaskar
  • The lunar and solar energies
  • General Overview of Sequencing in Tantra Yoga
  • The Tantric application in Yog asana
  • How to teach the science of Tantra and Kundalini safely
  • 2hrs Live Questions and Answers


Yoga & Tantra Philosophy - 30hrs 


Radasi covers this wide range of topics based on her 24 years as a practitioner in Yoga and 17 years on the path of Tantra. 

She speaks through enthusiasm and intuition and brings insight, inspiration  and clarity to these important subjects on the path of Yoga and Spirituality. 

The subjects covered are:

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Pranayama 
  • The Chakras
  • The Subtle body & Kundalini 
  • Traditional Tantra – Mantra – Yantra- Yagna
  • The Das Maha Vidyas
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Self Inquiry – Interactive class
  • The Yamas & Nyamas  – Interactive class
  • The Bhagavad Gita – Interactive class
  • Devi Gita – Interactive class 
  • Business and Ethics
  • Meditation Introduction 
  • Meditation and Yoga Nidra (with Yorgos Mazarakis)
  • Yoga Sutras (with Rory Trollen)
  • Optional Children’s Yoga – interactive class


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  • All deposits are non-refundable. The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due 30 days before the retreat start date. (the seeker pays directly to the organizer not through us. We send a notification to the organiser to get the money ). The remaining balance is non-refundable once paid.

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Strict Cancellation
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All deposits are non-refundable. The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due 30 days before the retreat start date. (the seeker pays directly to the organizer not through us. We send a notification to the organiser to get the money ). The remaining balance is non-refundable once paid.

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