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60hrs Nuad Thai Masslevel 1 & 2 northerAsana level 1 & 2Level 1 & 2 Northern

9 Days

Intensity beginnerintermediate
Food Balinese Breakfast
Group Size 2 — 6


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    • Balinese Breakfast

    Optional with Extra Charge

    • 285(+USD $285)
    Full Program

    Bali Thai Yoga Massage Course by Guenther Schauer 

    as well as receive a Certificate from Thailand which is accredited by the ministry of health Thailand.

    Bali Thai Yoga Massage course is for therapists, yoga teachers, and practitioners, aspirants, and wellness enthusiasts. Above all, this course is for everyone who wants to make their vision a reality and learn this ancient technique. Walk away with a Thai International Massage certificate in your hand! With Level 1 & 2 you will be able to massage 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

    Also, some of the highlights are:

    • Thai International Massage Certificate.
    • VAK Teaching Methods.
    • Learn with an international Thai Massage Instructor.
    • Enjoy the beautiful Ubud. Visit Balinese Goa Gajah temples, rice paddies & Hindu sites.

    Bali Thai Yoga Massage Nuad Bo-Rarn is a beginner Course 30 hours that establishes the foundation of a professional Thai massage or Nuad Bo-Rarn practice. Also, it is based on the Northern Style. The concept of meridians, energy lines or Sen, Yin, and Yang are all introduced as well. This course is for beginners as well as massage therapists. It is a great addition to a professional career.

    This course covers practical aspects such as stretches, acupressure points, proper use of body weight and techniques. Also, the emphasis is placed on deep-focused abdominal Hara work.

    Bali Thai Yoga Massage course Nuad Bo-Rarn is an Intermediate Level 2. Furthermore, the course expands on the techniques learned in Level 1.  Besides, it covers the side, back, and sitting positions. Moreover, students learn many advanced yoga-like stretching movements for the whole body.


    • Manuals and international Certificates issued by Guenther Schauer and ITM Chiang Mai.
    • 8 nights Accommodation in Ubud, Bungalow with breakfast

    Optional: without accommodation EUR 895.-

    Date: August 8th till August 16th, 2020

    Where: Ubud, Bali island

    Also, Class schedules will be sent after the booking is made.

    Other activities around Ubud. Enjoy cultural performances like Legong Dance, Kachak Dance

    Contact: Guenther Schauer



    Accommodation Options

    1 Spot - Capacity 1

    Extra Charge USD $285

    Explore Ubud on Bali Island and become a Certified Thai Massage Therapist! 2 Levels 60 hours course

    Food Options
    Balinese Breakfast



    Typical Balinese breakfast, pancake, fruits, coffee and tea

    Payment & Guidelines
    • 100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event. 0% deposit refund for cancellation 30 days before event. The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.

    • Early Bird Discount : Book before 65 days to get discount.

    Facilities & Extras

    Facilities & Extras


    Ideal Participant

    yoga teacher, massagists, thai massage lover

    Q & A
    Who can join?

    Anyone can join the courses. Level 1 is a beginner course. Level 2 is intermediate course

    From 08 Aug 2020 To 16 Aug 2020
    For 9 days

    Schauer Thai massage school

    Organiser Guenther Schauer

    Günther, a Thai Massage instructor, studied at WatPo, Bangkok. General Thai massage, advanced Thai massage therapy, massage for women health and aromatherapy, 150 hours. Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training His teacher training took place at one of the most renowned Thai Massage Schools (ITM) in Chiang Mai / Thailand. In short, it took almost 400 hours. In addition, another 40 hours were added. Günther has practiced traditional Thai massage since 1995 as well as he received numerous Thai Massages while living in Thailand. Günther moved to Chile in 2013. He treated patients in a 5-star spa Hotel there. Schauer Thai Massage School was born in 2015 in Chile. As a result, Chilean students have completed Thai massage classes. Since then he has been teaching aspirants, therapists and wellness enthusiasts in traditional Thai massage. Thai Massage school Schauer uses the VAK teaching method. In other words, visual, auditory kinaesthetic methods and one-to-one demonstration methods. He is currently teaching in Vienna, Austria. Now he wants to share, as a thai massage instructor, all the benefits that Thai massage has to offer. His focus is on the northern style Thai Massage, which involves a bit more gentle pressure and more yoga like stretches and postures. He has experience as a Thai Massage Instructor with Thai massage, Foot Reflexology, Hot herbal massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage. He teaches Thai Yoga Massage since 2015 and also has a licence to practice Thai Massage in Austria. Thai Massage School Schauer runs Certified Thai Yoga Massage Retreats and courses in Greece, Cuba, Morocco, Bali, Thailand and other amazing destinations around the world. Furthermore he taught students from Chile, Panama, Venezuela, Spain, Austria, France and Cuba.

    Travel help
    How to get here

    Fly to Ngurah Rai International Airport on Bali island.

    Visa & Health information

    Usually visitors to Bali / Indonesia need a Tourist Visa. 

    Recommended is getting it from your embassy or consulate of origin country

    Weather & What to Bring

    Bali has a tropical climate

    shorts and T Shirts are fine unless you climb a Vulcano

    Tips for tourism and respect local culture
    • respect Bali s unique culture

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    26 Jan 2022
    Flexible Cancellation  
    Strict Cancellation
    100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event. 0% deposit refund for cancellation 30 days before event. The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
    Flexible Cancellation
    All deposits are non-refundable. The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due 30 days before the retreat start date. (the seeker pays directly to the organizer not through us. We send a notification to the organiser to get the money ). The remaining balance is non-refundable once paid.

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