Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training Course? It is definitely not an easy task.

So many yoga centers! 

So many things to take into account...


Here are some of the key aspects and useful TIPS to consider when selecting your #YogaMatch.


1- Your intention


This is the base. It determines all!!


- Are you looking to become a teacher? Or maybe just to deepen your practice and find alike friends?

- Would you like to learn the right alignment? Or you are more interested in understanding better Yoga Philosophy?

- Are you in a healing process and would like to learn how to use some of the wonderful tools that Yoga offers? Or you are looking for a fun environment to grow confidence like in Acroyoga?


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Tips→  Take some time to meditate and write down what are your reasons and motivations. These would become your compass when assessing the characteristics of each Yoga center.




2- Location 


Are you looking for a course where you can sleep at home? Or are you eager to retreat out of your comfort zone?




Choosing mystic destinations in India, Costa Rica, Thailand, Bali can contribute with amazing benefits to the experience. 


Even if you can not go so far, traveling to a town close by yours can help you a lot to disconnect from your daily mental patterns and be more open to receive and learn.


When choosing, be aware that the energy of the places can affect so much the quality of the experience.
Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Destinations_Cities   Cities and crowded places could bring you more opportunities to connect with all kinds of people and new experiences.

Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Beach   On the other hand, more laidback spaces in nature beaches or mountains contribute to a more relaxing experience where you can focus better on your learning.


2- Time of the Year


Check out in advance what is the most advisable location for the time you are available OR the preferable time to the location of your dreams.

For example, Rishikesh in July is almost empty because it can get 45ª Celsius/ 77º Fahrenheit!!

In India, most of the schools move to Goa during the pleasant season (November to March). Right after, when the monsoon arrives south, they pack all to the cool north mountains of Rishikesh or Dharamshala

Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_TipsHigh seasons are normally the preferred choice because of the weather and the biggest offer, but you may prefer low season if you are looking for less crowd lower prices. ;)



4- Program & Learning Methodology


Read thoughtfully the program of the school and check that all the aspects you are looking for are covered. 

The methodology used makes also a big difference. It conditions a lot how much of the course you would be able to enjoy & integrate, your possibilities of having a really transformative experience. 


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Tips→ For example: In the case you are looking to become a Yoga Teacher, try to find courses with teaching practice from the very first week (if not from the very first day wink)!! 



5- Teachers


Teachers are the soul or the course. heart

On many occasions, teachers determine if the course would be a waste of money and time OR one of the best desitions you took in your life.




How to determine if its a good teacher? Look for their experience and especially check if you connect with the words & vision about Yoga they share on the website, social media...


Very useful also to look for true recommendations from past students & colleagues on their Facebook or profiles. 



6- Budget


Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Courses are not cheap, especially if it includes accommodation & food. 


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Budget If you are on a low budget, India may be your option. You can find TTCs with all included for as low as $1000. This added to some low-cost plane tickets can be the cheapest option with an incredible life-opening experience in this magical country as a bonus.


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Budget  Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Budget  If you are looking for more comfortable options on beautiful locations you would be able to find options for the average price of $1500 (**sharing a room with another participant).


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Budget  Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Budget  Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Budget  With budgets above $2800 - $4000 you have paradise level options in Thailand, Bali, Costa Rica… In these places courses normally do not include accommodation and food, so be aware the budget could increase.



Please take into account that teachers are amazing professionals who also invested a lot of time & money to get the knowledge and experience they would provide you with. Also, unfortunately, most of the money finishes in the pocket of the venues that host the courses. 

Like everything in life, good quality usually requires loads of energy and resources. If you pay a very low price, something has been compromised and quality can be also low.


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Tips→ For something so unique and important as a transformative experience, I feel is better to save more money and go for a better course.



7- Yoga Style


" Yoga is a vast science and toolbox. " 


When we focus on some specific aspects of Yoga in a particular way we call it styles” to better understand the practice offered.


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Tips → It is highly advisable that you experience some of these styles (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Acroyoga...). Then only you will be able to choose which ones you feel more connected with to deepen your knowledge of them.

Here you can make a fun easy Quiz to discover with styles you most likely vibrate at your frequency.



8- Days & timetable 


You should always check the timetable to be aware of some important aspects. For example the intensity of the course or whether they include enough practice hours.


If you are traveling for your Yoga teacher training course remember to left always das before and after.

- Before you will need some acclimatization and recovery from the travel.

- After you will need time to integrate and digest the experience, the learnings... And to do all you wanted to do at the destination but you did not have time during the course!


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Tips→ Yoga TTCs are really intense experiences. Be aware you will have little free time and you will likely use it to study and rest!!



9- Certification? 


To be Certify or not to certify that is the question!

Unfortunately, at the moment there is not a worldwide recognized certification with enough credibility.


The most popular is a USA certification, Yoga Alliance. However, it holds a very bad reputation mainly because they never visit the centers they certify and they seem pretty business-oriented. You only need to send papers and pay, which ends up with many certified centers without minimum standards. Some massage parlors in Rishikesh has shown me proudly they YA Certification! surprise

Practically all schools I know are against Yoga Alliance, even if sometimes they need to accept their terms for marketing proposes. They are especially angry at YA because it does not allow them to use any term related to health and the therapeutic aspect of Yoga in their programs. Some can feel this as a big betray from Yoga Alliance to the principals of Yoga due to the pressure of big powers in the shadow like the pharmaceutical industry.


Furthermore, becoming a teacher is a life-time process of learning that is difficult to measure with 200h certificates.


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Tips→ When you teach, yoga studios & students would not likely ask you for any paper certificating 200h course. They would rather ask you to teach something and they would quickly know if you are what they need. If you have the necessary experience and you are sharing from the right space, your heart.

And If you are not looking to become a teacher, fewer motives to make a certification desition factor.



10- Accommodation & facilities


If it is an all-inclusive training you better confirm what are the conditions, especially in destinations like India where the standards usually differ from occidental ones!

Ask them to share photos and check with past students about their experiences.




If accommodation is an important factor in your desition, look to more fancy destinations like Thailand.

Costa Rica and Bali are normally the top when it comes to comfort and beauty. However, lately many luxury venues are being built in traditionally more humble (and cheaper!) destinations. 


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Tips→ Do you want to find out the best options for your needs & preferences? Chat with Bhavi on the bottom right and we will find it for you ;) 


11- Food


If you are learning to practice Yoga, you would likely prefer to eat like a yogi.

Food really impacts your practice so check it out if the course you choose follows Yogic principles. For example, if they schedule the morning practice on an empty stomach in the morning, not eating immediately after your meal, offer a vegetarian diet & local products



A great extra that makes a difference between Yoga centers is the use of vegetables, fruits and herbs from their own garden.

Also relevant to ask if they cater to intolerance, allergies or special needs.



12 - Reviews & Recommendations


Some Yoga centers have amazing Marketing teams that build appealing websites and outside look. However, the learning and experiences they offer may not look necessarily so good and you can find yourself frustrated in a more factory-like and business-oriented school.

That is why it becomes really important to look for real testimonials of people who had actually been there. They can answer honestly all your doubts and share true recommendations. 


Choose_Yoga_Teacher_Training_Course_Tips→ Ask for testimonials and recommendations in useful Facebook groups like  Yoga Teacher Training (TTC) Advice


13- Ahhhhhhh!!! Help!! This is Too Much!

Feeling overwhelmed with the search?  Do not know which would be the right fit for you?

No worries! We find it for you! wink

True Yoga Revolution has a #YogaAdvice service you can contact.

Share your needs & preferences with experts that will do the search for you. They connect with the centers to find the right Yoga TTC for you for FREE!

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