Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and only for this period, Online Yoga Teacher Training courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance as in-person training. This is why all Yoga Schools around the world are launching their online programs to bring them closer to people who want to deepen into their yoga practice or become a yoga teacher


That's marvelous!!!!! 

If you are still not sure of the advantages of doing a Yoga Teacher training Online Check this great article



But… How to choose a GOOD Online Yoga Teacher Training Course?

This is not an easy task… There are so many!!!


Here is a list of the BEST ONLINE Yoga Teacher Training Courses that True Yoga Revolution got together for you according to your needs and preferences. They all include an exclusive DISCOUNT for each course using the promotional discount code.



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Are you an asana lover?





This amazing and well known School in India provides an intensive program designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to teach yoga classes based on the Ashtanga Primary Series and Vinyasa Flow style with more than 20 live sessions with all the skilled teachers of the course! This flexible course gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace, access a Private FB Group to share your doubts with the other students and the integration in their yogi community!

If you are Spanish Speaking, GOOD NEWS, this school also provides this 200 hours Online Yoga TTC in SPANISH🎉


Price: €900 €860 (TYR Coupon Discount €40 off "TYRSAMP". Introduce code on the official Sampoorna website on the field "Were you referred by a friend?") 👇

More info:

(English) https://www.sampoornayoga.com/yoga-training/200-hr-ashtanga-vinyasa-online-yoga-teacher-training/

(Spanish) https://www.sampoornayoga.com/yoga-training/200-horas-de-formacion-de-profesores-en-ashtanga-vinyasa-yoga/

Yoga style: Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Alliance approved


Ideal for

People who love dynamic yoga and are looking for a course to have deep knowledge about how to build basic and advanced asanas and anatomy.


  • Undecided between Online or Face to Face Course?





Good news for Thailand and Bali lovers… This school is one of those that offer the possibility of experience online and physically course after coronavirus. So if you want to study now an online course and then travel to one of these places to experience the in-person course, ULU Yoga will discount the price you have paid in their online TTC!

This flexible program (200h, 300h or 500h) you can finish it up to 12 months, and they will give you live or pre-recorded daily practice of Hatha and vinyasa yoga featuring sun salutations, traditional core poses, meditation and pranayama. 

In their course, they also provide you with Workshops, which include prenatal, injuries, adjustments, sequencing, more detailed meditation and pranayama, and optional video modules of aerial and acro yoga!!


Price: $499 USD $479 USD (TYR Coupon Discount $20 off "ULUYO12". Introduce code on the True Yoga Revolution website link) 👇

More info:

200h https://www.trueyogarevolution.com/training/200hrs-ulu-yoga-multi-style-online-yoga-teacher-training

300h https://www.trueyogarevolution.com/training/300hrs-ulu-yoga-multi-style-online-yoga-ttc

500h https://www.trueyogarevolution.com/training/500hrs-ulu-yoga-multi-style-online-yoga-teacher-training

Yoga style:  Multi-style

Yoga Alliance approved


Ideal for

People who want to travel and experience the course after the coronavirus. If you want to start studying the online course and then travel to experience the in-person course this Yoga TTC is definitely for you.

It is also to people who want to learn acro yoga!! This is an AMAZING opportunity to learn and build future retreats or workshops 



Do you want to know how to integrate Yoga as a Lifestyle?





The Santosha Online YTT 200-hour training allows each individual to experience the true essence of yoga through a unique and holistic synthesis of ageless wisdom from the ancient scriptures and philosophy, applied in a contemporary context.

This Vinyasa Flow Yoga Course is given from the heart, with compassion and love. You will be attended by all the teachers in this transformational path.  

You will have daily live classes and sessions, as well as a mix of pre-recorded webinars and teachings; with time for self-study, journaling and practice. All you need to deep into Real Yoga knowledge!


Price: 1904$ USD

More info:https://www.trueyogarevolution.com/training/santoshas-200hrs-online-yoga-teacher-training

Yoga style: Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Alliance approved


Ideal for

Do you want to learn Yoga as a whole and This way understand how Yoga can improve your life? Do you want to learn how to teach Yoga as a lifestyle? This is the course for you!!! In this course, you will learn how important it is to dedicate time to build your asanas up, pranayama, meditation, philosophy in a dynamic way.


Are you thinking of creating your own yoga business?





This is one of the best schools located in Bali, but...What makes this course special? They provide an Excellent Vinyasa Yoga TTC Online with a very close connection between teachers and students, like:

4 weekly live group calls (around 60 minutes) where you can interact with the teacher and the rest of the group, asking questions and this will make feel supported in your course progress.  One-to-one personal practice and supervision with the Zazyoga teachers.  And one-on-one coaching calls with Marylene Henry, founder of Zazyoga, to find your inner voice as a future professional yoga instructor, and lead others on the path of personal growth through yoga.  And even better, You will also have a deep look into your career goals and benefit from Marylene's insider business experience to help you build a strategy for the next stage of your life!!!! 


Price: 1400$ USD  $1350 USD (TYR Coupon Discount $50 off "TYRZAZ1". Introduce code on the True Yoga Revolution website link) 👇 

More info:https://www.trueyogarevolution.com/training/zazyoga-200-hour-online-mindful-movement-yoga-teacher-training

Yoga style: Vinyasa

Yoga Alliance approved


Ideal for

In this course, people who want to have deep knowledge about asanas, about the physical aspects of yoga and how to run their future Yoga business, will have the perfect match with all their requirements.

If you are undecided about what kind of Yoga teacher you could be, they will guide you to feel and be the best version of you.


Do you want to live an emotionally transformative course?





If you are looking for an intimate course, you got it!!! This GREAT school is run by Nathalie and she believes not only in giving a Yoga Teacher training program under all the Yoga Alliance guidelines.  But, also into connecting interpersonally with students, She does not have more than 5 students in each group, 1 on 1 mentoring, and all the necessary support in this emotional, transformational and flexible course.

All the instructors are available 24/7 not only for professional matters but also for personal concerns, via zoom! 


Price: $999 USD $949 USD (TYR Coupon Discount $50 off "TYRIND1". Introduce code on the True Yoga Revolution website link) 👇 

More info:https://www.trueyogarevolution.com/training/21day-ya-200hr-hatha-vinaysa-online-yoga-teacher-training

Yoga style:  Hatha Vinyasa

Yoga Alliance approved


Ideal for

People who wish to go deeper into their emotional part to understand our behaviors and how to clean them to get to the Self.



Are you looking for a Traditional Yoga Course?





If you are looking for a course that gives all the necessary tools to launch your own yoga business and live on your passion, this is your School!

Kaya’s Yoga course is based in Traditional Hatha Yoga and Therapeutic Applications with a Solid Foundation for Entrepreneurship as a Yoga Teacher. They are focused on teaching how to Start your Own Business as a Yoga Teacher, giving all the techniques and empowering to all of their students.

You can share with them in all the weekly streamings!!


Price: 1497$ USD $1447 USD (TYR Coupon Discount $50 off "TYRKAY1". Introduce code on the True Yoga Revolution website link) 👇 

More info:https://www.trueyogarevolution.com/training/200-hour-online-yoga-business-training

Yoga style: Hatha

Yoga Alliance approved


Ideal for

Purist people who want to learn ancient and traditional Yoga, no trendy Yoga, and how to develop their career and earn a living teaching. 


Do you want to learn more than 1 yoga Style?





This school located in the beautiful island Koh Phangan (Thailand) will give you a strong knowledge of how to teach Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and other styles like Ashtanga, Yin/Restorative & Prenatal Yoga which are also introduced in their program. In addition to the daily yoga classes and lectures, they have included a meditation program that will help to increase your mindfulness and enhance the benefits of the yoga manifolds.

One Yoga’s online yoga teacher training course includes around 20 hours of contact hours online live webinars, 120 hours on recorded videos and the rest on required exercises, and you will be attended one-on-one, totally personally, YAY!!!


Price: 1984$ USD

More info:https://www.trueyogarevolution.com/training/200-hour-online-yoga-teacher-training-course

Yoga style: Hatha Vinyasa

Yoga Alliance approved


Ideal for

This course is perfect to learn what is the meaning of Yoga in all of their versions. If you are active and you wish to learn not only one style, this is the perfect approach to know about them


Do you want to know how to integrate Traditional Yoga in modern times?





This awesome school that gives courses all around the world has launched its Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Course Online. They teach in the traditional yogic methodology, which views Yoga as a lifestyle, a science, and an art. Combining a detailed and in-depth study of modern asanas (postures) with a rich and colorful history and philosophy, as well as the lifestyle of Yoga that offers balance and peace for life “off the mat.” 

Their students will learn how to live fully and artfully in every moment, heal your life and other's lives, let go of attachments and false beliefs, and rise up into your fullest self. 

They are very supportive!!! Their training doesn’t stop at a certificate, they are committed to helping you grow and expand deeply on a personal level!

If you choose this awesome course you could complete it in real-time with them or by June 30th by completing 15 or more hours per week.


Price: $1999 USD $1899 USD (TYR Coupon Discount $100 off "TYRFUL1". Introduce code on the True Yoga Revolution website link) 👇 

More info:https://www.trueyogarevolution.com/training/200-hour-online-yoga-teacher-training

Yoga style:  Hatha Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Alliance approved


Ideal for

Modern people who want to learn how to integrate Pure and Traditional Yoga in their day today!