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Types of Yoga - Discover all the possible results of this Quiz!



 Adventurous Yogi Acro Yoga Aerial Paddleboard

Are you mainly a Adventurous Yogi?!


You enjoy discovering were the limits are, just to go beyond them.

True Yoga Reviews recommends you to try Acroyoga, Aerial Yoga or Paddleboard Yoga. In all these Yoga styles you will have an extra of challenge and fun.

  • Acroyoga, the most well know of the three, is a beautiful technique that combines Yoga with Acrobatics and Thai massage. It may seem complicated but its practice is very smooth and easy.
  • In Aerial Yoga (also called AeroYoga or Anti-gravity yoga) the body hangs freely. Practitioners use a special kind of hammock to better stretch whole body, decompress the spine and even easily perform some of the most difficult poses you do “on land”
  • Paddleboard Yoga is another new practice which is becoming more and more popular and where you perform asanas maintaining the balance in a board on the water.

Your imagination is the only limit.

Adventurous Yogis always ask…

  • Why yoga has to remain repressed by a doctrine?
  • Why not to keep creating and applying Yoga to any scenario or merging it with other practices?


— Ideal for: People who want to develop confidence, creativity and self-expression.





 Shanti Yoga Yin Yoga Gentle Restorative

Are you mainly a Shanti (peace) Yogi?!


You enjoy slow peace movements, highly meditative practices and relaxing environments with gentle music or not a noise at all.

True Yoga Reviews recommends you to try Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Viniyoga or Gentle Yoga. In all these Yoga styles the practice seems to be taken to the clouds with the cozy support of many pillows around you.

The focus is not to perform precisely any pose, but to synchronize breathe and movement, increasing relaxation and flexibility. Our blood pressure drops and we are able to deeply relax the nervous system and other layers that rarely get so much attention from us, like the connective tissues (joints, ligaments…).

Try one of this styles and start enjoying long, deep stretches and come out of the class with the feeling you just went for a wonderful massage.


— Ideal for: beginners, pregnancy or for recovering from injuries/other conditions.






Classic yoga Hatha


Are you mainly a Classic Yogi?!


You know you are born to be in balance. Yoga is something that seems very natural for you.

True Yoga Reviews recommends you to practice Hatha Yoga.

  • Hatha is the base of Yoga, where all styles come from. Its sanskrit name is form by “ha” (sun) and “tha” (moon). This is because Hatha uses and balances counterforces (masculine/feminine, heating/cooling, active/passive, Body/mind…).

Hatha is the most extended type of Yoga and a great introduction for beginners.

Furthermore, Hatha is such a vast and rich world you can find almost everything inside it. You can create amazing combos. It only depends on the teacher (or on your inner teacher ???? ) For example, You can begin the session sweating all the tension out with series of sun salutations and finish the class holding some gentle poses to connect and relax completely.

Dip deep into Hatha and you will me amaze about how many wisdom, skills and tools for happiness it can bring into your life.


— Ideal for: Everyone! But especially for beginners, during pregnancy or for recovering from injuries/other conditions.





Aligned Yoga, Iyengar Sivananda


Are you mainly an Aligned Yogi?!


The right base is always the key for a good performance. You enjoy doing the things right and receiving depurated instructions with precise details.

True Yoga Reviews recommends you to try Iyengar Yoga or Sivananda Yoga.

  • Iyengar Yoga is good for beginners because it is detail-oriented, slow-paced and it loves using props (belts, blocks…). It focuses on alignment and precision. The most important is the structural alignment of the body.

In each session you will polish few poses in depth. Teacher will explain you how every tiny action (even from your thumb) affects the rest of your body.

She/he will also guide you with very specific actions to go inside and outside of the posture, as well as adjust perfectly each one. This makes this style one of the most safe and injury free.

  • Sivananda is another great Yoga style for beginners and for "structure lovers". It follows a traditional standard program with 12 basic asanas (poses) and focuses on preserving the health and wellness of the practitioner.

For an Aligned Yogi, it is mostly about poses (what they are, how you can do it correctly and how that affects your body).

The key words are control and precision. These principles, together with a steady practice, allow Aligned Yogis become aware of their body down to the smallest detail.


— Ideal for: beginners, athletes, people willing to improve the posture or to work with any injuries or physical limitations.





 Dynamic Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga Power

Are you mainly a Dynamic Yogi?!


It seems movement makes you feel alive. You do not enjoy to listen to much theory, better let’s go to the practice!

True Yoga Reviews recommends you to try Asthanga Vinyasa flow and Power Yoga.

The focus in this Yoga style are nonstop series of poses deeply connecting with a special powerful breathing technique, “Ujjayi breath” (sounds quite similar to Darth Vader one ;) ).

Normally it is practiced in a silent room, receiving few hands-on corrections from an instructor, so students can focus inwards in their own practice.

Dynamic Yogis crave for a strong practice that will make them sweat and build their power and strength. It is a really complete workout, almost like a body cross fit training. However it is more than that. It has a beautiful flow from pose to pose and it also develops a great ability to focus your mind.

Try one of these styles if you want to workout, face challenges and start feeling the benefits of synchronizing body, breath and mind.


— Ideal for: Boosting your strength and energy. More effective than three coffees.





 healer yoga ayurveda yoga therapy

Are you mainly a Healer Yogi?!

You are already aware of the healing power within yourself.

True Yoga Reviews recommends you to try Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Yoga.

Yoga can be an amazing toolbox to fix any imbalance, and Ayurveda, the other side of the coin of Yoga, has a lot to say here. Ayurveda was born in India together with Yoga. It is the “science/art of living” and teaches us how to live in harmony with the nature (proper diet, lifestyle, massage, herbal medicines…) getting to know about our doshas (Vatta, Pitta, Kappha).

On the other hand, Yoga Therapy integrates traditional yogic concepts and techniques with Western medical and psychological knowledge. It gives you a deep knowledge about which specific techniques of yoga you must apply to create, stimulate, and maintain an optimum state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Yoga is deeply interconnected with health through its core propose of finding holistic solutions for balancing body, mind and consciousness.

Try one of these styles and start noticing the improvement in the health and quality of life of yourself and of those around you.


— Ideal for: Anyone to whom health is an important issue (health professionals, health lovers, people recovering from illness/injuries…)





Spiritual Yoga Kundalini Tantra Jivamukti Nada


Are you mainly a Spiritual Yogi?!


You already feel there is something more beyond the physical and touchable reality.

True Yoga Reviews recommends you to try Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Nada Yoga or Jvamukti Yoga.

The focus of this Yoga styles is to reunite again this dualistic world (yin-yan, feminine-masculine, Shiva-Shakti…) and to wake up the Kundalini or dormant life energy at the base of your spine.

You will be introduced to an depurated ancient philosophy and practice with powerful results. For the Spiritual Yogi the practice is more than a couple of asanas (poses). It is a way of living and includes meditations, breathing techniques, chanting, kryas, mudras, bhandas and yantras. This practices use the physical world as an instrument to go beyond and access another dimensions of the being. For this propose an open-minded and open-hearted attitude is required.

Spiritual Yoga can go very deep producing mayor changes in the way you understand and live your life.


— Ideal for: Advance practitioners. It is a really powerful technique so we definitely recommend you to begin under the guidance of a teacher.



  Hot-Yogi bikram hot yoga


Are you mainly a Hot Yogi?!


You are sexy and you know it! You enjoy taking care of your body and sweat to make it even hotter.

Maybe Hot Yoga or Bikram are good options for you.

  • Bikram Yoga consists in a series of 26 poses performed over 90 minutes in a very hot room (above 100 degrees).

Practitioners expect to lose more toxins and weight with this intense and sweaty workout. But don’t get me wrong, this style of Yoga it is not only a physical challenge but also mental. It is not for the faint of heart. You will really have to struggle to finish the class but at the end, you will also enjoy the feeling of have accomplished something.

It’s a controversial style which many accuse to be a slip-and-slide sweatfest with a high danger of overstretching and dehydration. So, it is really important to choose a right teacher who can supervise and assist correctly your practice.


— Ideal for: Detox, people who love to activate their metabolism, improving their body shape or build their resistance and will-power.


IMPORTANT! If you have any medical condition (hypertension, diabetes etc.) check before with your doctor.


Cover Image on Quiz Courtesy: michelles_art