Feeling lost looking for the right course or retreat?


I know… There are so many options! For years I have been certifying Yoga courses and giving my best to recommend the right one to each soul that came to me.


It is not an easy task. Most of the people spend months searching & researching online. They finish feeling really overwhelmed & frustrated...


That is why we created the Personal Advice service! To save you loads of time, energy & worries finding the right training or retreat for you.

Do I need Personal Advice?

Most of the people we help answer with a big “YES!” to any of the following questions. Check if you are one of them.

 Are you….

  • Traveling far from your comfort zone?

  • Feeling lost & overwhelmed among so many options?

  • Not sure about the quality of the centers you are considering?

  • Not sure what should the right training or retreat for you includes? 


How does it work? Super easy! 


1 - Click on the bottom right corner and start talking to Bhavi :)


Bhavi will ask you some questions to find the training or retreat of your dreams. Your #YogaMatch !


2 - Our experts study your case and start the search for you. We look inside & outside our big data center. We love to personally call Organizers one by one. That is the way to get to know them better & ask them the right questions for you.


When we have the results, we contact you through email or phone to present you 3 options that match your preferences.


3 - Follow your heart choosing and then make a booking in a few minutes.  Hassle-free decide how to enjoy the tons of time & mental energy you have saved ;)


Benefits of TYR Personal Advice



       Sometimes an image worth 1000 words ;) 



How much does it cost?

That’s one of the most amazing parts… it is FREE!

We only ask you that if you finally take the Training / Retreat we advise you, you BOOK it through TrueYogaRevolution.com

This way you make this FREE Personal Advice possible which keeps helping you and other yogis around the world.

Plus you get a lot of BENEFITS booking through TYR:


Best price warranty

Save tons of time looking everywhere to find the best price. We have an agreement with all our Organizers to provide you with the best price offered on any platform, including theirs.


Free cancellation policies 

Some results offer you “Flexible cancellation” and will return you the full deposit if you cancel even 30 days before!

Soul to soul connection

At TYR, we believe people should always be the focus. Have an easy chat with the person organizing the experience. Check the profile, know more about her/him and what all the people supporting & recommending them are saying.

3% NGO contribution

Each one of your bookings contributes to a better world. Get to know more here about the current project we are involved with. Please write any suggestions in the comments for the next NGO you recommend us to collaborate with. 



We won't charge you anything for booking through us. Secure & easy payment.

We understand the insecure feeling of paying to remote countries like India, sometimes even using weird methods and facing scams, high commissions... Save the hassle, we take care of this for you. 


So.. What are you waiting for? Click on Bhavi chat buttonand let`s find the right Training or Retreat for you!  ;)