Yoga awakens our awareness. 

It helps us realize we are connected with all around us.


Sometimes this can feel overwhelmed. We can feel lost thinking how a single person can truly improve the World.

in TYR we decided to permanently dedicate part of any TYR income to directly support causes to help our planet & all the beings that is made of.


TYR mantra: 

Lokah Samastah Shukino Bhavantu - “May all beings be well and happy”

We want to make it easy for you to contribute to making a meaningful impact. Just booking through TYR platform you can be part of the Revolution!



Currently, 3% of each booking you made through TYR goes directly to Sustainable Projects conducted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


With more than 30 years of results, WWF contributes to restore and protect ocean health which contributes to supporting the lives of billions

One of their action points include replacing plastics for renewable resources and promoting circular bioeconomies both socially and environmentally responsible


World Wide Forum WWF


WWF has a yogic integrative approach. Projects are based on strong partnerships including research institutions, NGOs, governments, and local communities. Only working all together towards a common vision we can conserve marine ecosystems and the precious resources they support.


Learn more about WWF Projects


Please SHARE below in comments any further NGO / project you recommend us to collaborate with!!