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I'm bringing you great news if Yoga is your passion. Do you want to have more and deeper knowledge about Yoga? Do you want to become a Yoga Teacher? Then you must read this article 😉


At this time that everybody has to be at home because of the coronavirus situation, there is one GREAT OPPORTUNITY to learn and practice your Passion. Have you ever thought to study a Yoga Teacher Training Course Online?


We can give you 8 REASONS to do it ❤️


1. Get an official Yoga Alliance Certificated The great opportunity that may not come back. Due to the coronavirus, Yoga Alliance allows online teacher training courses to be 100% certified as an in-person TTC.  Did you know that this certification is recognized all over the world and necessary in many schools to teach? 


2. Low prices!! Maybe you have already checked presential courses and by now you know that prices are over 1500$, 2000$ or more... But now you can study with the school you like and get the certification for less than 1000$ or even less than 500$! from the comfort of your own house and at your own place


3. At your own pace!! You can study your online yoga teacher training in your free time, some schools are offering to do it in 12 months, the only requirements are to sign in before the end of June! In this way, you can combine your work and family life with your studies 🙌


4. You can learn with the best teachers in the world 🌍 in your home!!! Many times, and not only due to the Coronavirus, we cannot travel to foreign countries and spend one month abroad to study a Yoga TTC in the school of your dreams and with the teachers you follow, But now it is possible with the Online Courses!


5. Be a part of a Yogi Community 🧘 Same as in physical courses, all the students will be integrated into the school community to learn and support each other in this transformational path.  This way, you will know people with the same interests and needs as you 😊


6. The same program, the same knowledge 👌 Many times we think that with the online courses we will not catch the same knowledge as if we were physically in the school. That´s the wrong idea!!! All the online teacher training courses certified by Yoga Alliance have the same program, it doesn't matter if they are online or not. The content must be:

. Techniques, Training and Practice 

. Teaching Methodology

. Anatomy and Physiology

. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers

. Practicum


7. Supportive teachers🤗 Even in the distance, you will be helped and supported by all the teachers who give the course. This means personal attendance, steaming classes, time to ask all your questions and doubts including personal emotional support.


8. There are some schools that offer Online Yoga Teacher Trainings and the opportunity to join them if you want to travel and feel the experience of the In-person course. This is an amazing opportunity if you are seriously thinking about traveling abroad. How knows maybe India, Bali or Thailand, the point is that you can have both experiences!!! 


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If after these reasons you still have any doubts about Online Yoga Teacher Training, you can contact our Expert Ambassadors, they can guide you and support you to find the BEST yoga course for you. Complete this easy form and make your passion lives 👇