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  • Co-creation

    Make a living doing what you love!

  • Easy Support

    We believe in people supporting each other.

  • Yoga

    Spreading yoga and valuing cooperation.

  • Soul to Soul

    Technology meets human connection.

  • Quality Evolution

    Certification ONLY after real experiences!

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With the True Certification Process, we will attend your event and give you recommendations on improvement!

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  • Personal Ambassador

    Your personal ambassador helps guide and promote your yoga business growth and goals!

  • Right Participants

    Your personal ambassador will help you find the right souls for the experiences you offer

  • Best World Practices

    Receive guidance to improve your offering with easy hands-on ideas from all over the world

  • Stand out!

    Get noticed for your experience and skills!

TYR Ambassadors

Maybe the next you? Become An Ambassador
  • Karolina Krawczyk Trimuti Yoga co-founder

    Real people come to verify the school, to run a dialogue, to ask right question & have very beautiful observations. They are just very well prepared.

  • Dr. Keshava Sarvaguna founder & main teacher

    Ambassadors just mingle with students & teachers. They are very enthusiastic, I really appreciate them & we are really happy they are with us.

  • Ra Lalita Dasi Satya Loka founder

    Thank you TYR for your support! I appreciate your confidence in my intentions & I am grateful for your suggestions.


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